I had the unique honor on July 14th, of unveiling two new portraits that will add to our visual history of the American Revolution here in South Carolina. Near my home in York South Carolina, at Historic Brattonsville, my portraits of Colonel William Bratton and Captain Christian Huck, were unveiled to great fanfare during the weekend of the celebration of "Huck's Defeat". This was the event in 1780 when Capt. Huck's Dragoons, or mounted militia, were decisively beaten and Huck Killed, in a fight that brought a much needed win by the Backcountry Militia over the occupying British forces who were riding roughshod over the local inhabitants in South Carolina.

The Unveiling was presided over and attended by, Chapters of the D.A.R. and S.A.R. in the Carolinas, groups who helped to fund the project, as well as members of the Bratton family, descendants of Col. William Bratton, and other interested parties My commission was initiated by Michael Scoggins, our York County, SC Historian. My mission was to work from family photographs to "forensically" if you will, create an image of Col. Bratton that would be the best hoped for representation of him possible. I was also provided with photos of individuals from the region of Germany in which Capt. Huck was born, to represent as closely as possible someone who would theoretically be a close genetic match for Capt. Huck. We can never know if my representations are completely accurate, but we can feel confident that the faces I've created are the best we can hope for with the materials we had to work from.

Brattonsville Portrait Unveiling