After leaving the Art Institute, I came home to the South  and worked for over a decade as a Graphic Designer in Charlotte, NC. 

     I left the corporate world some years ago, deciding to  make a living at my first love, Fine Arts. I work full time as a portrait artist from my home studio.

     My work can be found in private collections and at Historic Sites and Museums in eight states. I'm a member of the Art's Council of York County, the Southern Arts Society Inc., The Kings Mountain "Brigade of Friends", The South Carolina Historical Society, The New England Historical Society and The Scottish American Society.  I'm also proud to be a "Friend of the Fort" at Old Fort Wayne, in Fort Wayne Indiana.  


    I've been sketching or painting someone or something most of my life. My early passion for Art took me from filling sketchbooks to pursuing a Fine Arts degree at West Virginia State College, with minors in Music and History. Several years after leaving college and feeling the need for more meaning and inspiration in life, I found myself back in class at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, receiving a Graphic Design degree.


About The Artist - Thomas Kelly Pauley